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Your kind of career

"Elis employs more than 45,000 people in Europe and South America. Our culture of service and quality makes our employees the company’s top assets", explains Didier Lachaud, Human Resources & CSR Director.

The Group is able to develop thanks to each employee’s sense of responsibility. Everyone is committed to the quality of service provided to our clients..

Read the interview with Didier Lachaud, Human Resources & CSR Director

Why choose Elis?

Advanced integration and career support

We offer welcome processes tailored to each of our employees. These two to five week internal introductions allow new hires to explore all of the professions at Elis. Afterwards, production, sales and maintenance will hold no secrets for you! A short-cut to understanding our corporate culture and developing your in-house network.

Broad internal, functional and geographic mobility

Elis offers real possibilities for advancement within the same job family. There are also many gateways between different job families. Nothing is set in stone! You are supported in your desire for new responsibilities which you can express during your monthly meetings with your manager.
Moreover, a social barometer is established every other year so that employees can talk about their working conditions, their engagement, their motivation, training, safety, hours, and so on.

A group that is open to the world

To effectively meet the challenges of internationalization, Elis has developed a tailor-made programme with Spain. For that strategic market, 10 recent engineering and business graduates are hired each year in Spain. They then attend a 12 to 24 month programme in France as Business Development Managers, Deputy Production Managers and Sales Managers. Additionally, a complete international relocation package is available to anyone interested in a career abroad (we have operations in 13 countries).

An ambitious training policy

Our professional development programmes offer our best and brightest the possibility for advancement at the company. For example, the FED (Filière d’Excellence Disco) allows a number of Service Representatives to take a 10 month training course to give them access to the position of Business Development Manager. There is also the Young Talent programme, a breeding ground for 10 to 12 future managers who, after 15 months of training with top management, will become the managers Elis needs to sustain our growth. Elis also has our own training centre in Janville, Normandy. It is open to all the Group’s disciplines – your "home" for learning! We invest €3.2 million annually in vocational training, and 4,300 employees are trained each year.

Elis empowers all our talent

Liliana, Fabrice, Arnaud, Perrine, Paulo, Didier, Rachida, Savi, Ludovic and Florent describe Elis from the inside. Discover their testimonials and their career paths. They talk about responsibility, trust, ambition and constancy. What if their stories could be yours?
"After six months, I had earned their trust", Liliana tells us. She joined Elis as an Order Preparer and is now a Team Leader responsible for 17 people. "There is no one typical career path", according to Savi, Business Manager, "I simply applied for a job. Because that was what I wanted, and it all happened so fast!" Paulo, 3D Service Representative, wanted to “learn something”. Arnaud, Profit Centre Director, owns that “what is so fantastic is that employees can manage a real profit centre independently and very early on. It is also a great source of personal satisfaction to see your employees make progress and take on new functions at the company”.

Detecting and retaining all our talent

An attentive hierarchy. This is the story told by Rachida, Regional Sales Manager: "My superiors and the management team placed their trust in me when they allowed me to move into this position. Elis really knows how to detect everyone’s talents and skills". For Didier Lachaud, Human Resources & CSR Director, "Elis’s professions are based on expertise. And we want to hold onto that expertise so it can develop over time. Internal promotions are in our genes, and an integral part of how the company operates". That’s the great story of Fabrice, who came to Elis for a two month summer job. He then covered commercial distribution rounds before being singled out for the FED programme. As for Perrine, after a few years in human resources, she became tempted by marketing functions: "I wanted to change jobs. I found an opening, I was motivated, and my managers put their trust in me". Today, she works in the Marketing Department as a Project Manager. While internal promotions are encouraged and supported, gateways between the different job families are also available.

The perfect candidate is...

How do you grow at Elis, under the best possible conditions? According to Didier Lachaud, Human Resources & CSR Director, "the ideal candidate is dynamic and dedicated. We love people who are creative and vivacious!"
It’s up to you!