European leader in linen & workwear rental, laundry services,
hygiene and well-being services


Didier Lachaud, Director of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility

Elis has developed continuously over the past 40+ years. Which of the company’s strengths have allowed it to achieve this uninterrupted growth?
Elis is a multi-service company whose business is the rental and maintenance of textile goods and hygiene and wellness equipment. Over the past 40 years, we have developed an extremely effective, efficient and profitable business model. Elis is heavily results-oriented and very focused on proximity to our clients and our staff.
The company has also intensified its external and international growth in recent years, both in Europe and South America.

How does Elis retain its staff and develop their talent?
Elis’s great strength lies in the women and men who are the bedrock of our company, and we take special care when it comes to the recruitment, training and personal development of our teams. Our goal is to achieve a relative balance between people promoted from within and those hired from without.
Different training programmes have been developed to encourage internal promotions, targeting a variety of population segments, whether they be service representatives, young managers with potential, or executives.
International careers are also encouraged. We are ready and willing to entrust significant responsibility to young managers, giving them access to profit centre leadership positions more quickly than at other organizations.
Long-term training and exchange programmes between countries have been successfully implemented, with the aim of sharing Elis know-how and applying it to new arenas.

What strengths and qualities are necessary to a promising career at Elis?
A solid education, real enjoyment of the operations side, management skills, and the ability to unite teams and lead them to success are the key tools for a fruitful career at Elis. Respect for our corporate values is also essential, and geographic and professional mobility is a plus.

What does Elis do in terms of CSR?
Elis is a socially responsible company that is attentive to the environment, the continuous improvement of our energy performance, human rights matters, and issues relating to gender equality.