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Take care with your CV

30 seconds. That’s how long recruiters spend on each CV on average. It’s not much, but your CV is THE key for opening doors. We need to see that you have high potential, in just a few seconds. Its form and substance both need to show who you are and make us want to meet you. Is your CV ready?

Elis’s recruitment service answers your most common questions with a few key tips:

Your photo: good idea or bad?
It’s a good idea! So long as your photo is of good quality and shows you in a professional setting. No selfies on the beach! A photo sends a message and should make us want to meet you.

I have gaps in my CV: what should I do?
The better we’re able to understand those gaps, the clearer things become! Don’t hesitate to be transparent. We shouldn’t have trouble understanding your history when we read your CV. Did you travel the world, create a company or participate in a charitable project? Then tell us about it! Those are experiences you should promote.

Hobbies and interests: do I share them or keep them to myself?
This section is not compulsory! But if you choose to share your more personal side with us, be precise! Don’t just recite the usual “reading-travel-film” mantra, for example. Give your character some texture through precision and – why not?! – originality.

I have an unusual history: how can I turn it to my advantage?
Your unique experience will also be appreciated! That being said, be concise, extracting the skill sets that will be of use in the position you covet from your education and/or past work experience: team management, customer service orientation, participation in new product launches, etc. You can always make the most of your past, no matter how eccentric it may be!

What about foreign languages?
Indicate your skill level, including TOIEC, BULATS and other test scores. Also indicate if you’ve done any internships abroad or study abroad, or if you’ve lived in a foreign country, for example. And don’t hesitate to include your native language in the list.

Can I use numbers in my CV?
Absolutely! Quantified information about your achievements helps us to understand your results. For example, if you’re a sales representative, provide the exact number of new clients won in a given period of time or the percentage by which you increased your revenue. If you’re an engineer, indicate your quantified gains in productivity after a new process was set up, and so on.

Should I give my CV a title?
We appreciate CVs with a title that matches the name of the job opening. So don’t hesitate to adapt it! Lastly, including the words “Curriculum Vitae” or “CV” on a CV is... redundant!

Prepare for your job interview

Bingo! You’ve got yourself an interview with Elis! You’re almost there. This is our first face-to-face, and we’re delighted. Here is some advice to help calm your nerves:

Practice your presentation: Though this isn’t a casting call, we still suggest that you practice out loud for our interview (personal introduction, history and career plan). Don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family for feedback, practice in front of a mirror, or event record or film yourself on your smartphone.

Be punctual: Plan your route to our meeting place a few days in advance. Add a half hour to your expected travel time (you never know!). Make a note of the name of the person you’ll be meeting and their telephone number, in case of any problems.

Be yourself: Your CV and cover letter hit their mark! So don’t be just “anyone”. Don’t play a role; we appreciate honesty and an unaffected disposition. Breathe and take time to think before speaking, look us in the eyes, give a strong handshake, smile, and everything will be fine!

Answer our questions: Give concrete examples to illustrate your answers, be precise when listing your skill sets, your proficiencies with tools, and so on. This will help us picture you in one of our positions. We promise to answer all your questions about Elis, so do the same for us! We are really interested in you and are curious to find out if you are ready to give us your all. Put your mind at ease: trick questions aren’t our style...

Research us in advance

Did you answer a job posting or submit a spontaneous application? Thank you for thinking of us! We’re guessing this was not a matter of chance. To get to know us better, you need to know who we are and what we do. Here are some musts to learn everything you need to know:

Who we are: Group presentation
What we do: Activities
What we have to offer: RH news - Job offers
What we say on our social networks: follow us on LinkedIn, Viadeo, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Jobteaser

Define your career plan

Are you putting your hopes in us? Well, we’re doing the same! At Elis, we see our relationships in the long term. This is what we mean by a career plan, and that’s what you should have in mind.

Our service businesses are the fruit of expertise. We train you, and you make progress over time. This is what we will do for you.

Do you dream of seeing the world? How convenient! We make this common dream a reality, thanks to our operations across France and in 13 other countries, where we make 28% of our revenue. Let’s talk.

Do you want to be given responsibility? At Elis, everyone is responsible for the Group’s growth, regardless of job title. Be ambitious and express this interest during our interview.