European leader in linen & workwear rental, laundry services,
hygiene and well-being services

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Elis is an international multi-service provider, offering textile, hygiene and facility services solutions. Present in Europe and Latin America, we are a leader in most of the 28 countries in which we operate, employing 45,000 professionals at 440 production and services centers. We work for public and private organizations of all sizes and across all sectors. We offer tailor-made solutions in flat linen, workwear, washrooms, floor protection, beverages, cleanrooms, pest control and medical waste management. In a world that becomes ever more complex, we are our customers' best ally, empowering their day to ensure their success.


A unique multi-service model with a clear strategy for growth.  Our strategy is based on four pillars:

  • Consolidate its positions through organic growth and acquisitions;
  • Develop its activities in Latin America;
  • Continue to improve its operational excellence;
  • Introducing new products and services at limited marginal cost.

Sustainable development

Our commitments

  • Participate in the development of a more sustainable business model
    • REINFORCING the development of our business around
      the functional economy
    • INNOVATING to develop alternative solutions to disposable goods
    • AWARENESS-RAISING amongst our clients on the environmental
      benefits of the rental/maintenance service
  • Offer a responsible, quality portfolio of products and services
    • MEETING our clients’ quality requirements
    • PROMOTING fair trade
    • WORKING on our products’ eco-designs
  • Reduce our business’s environmental footprint
    • REDUCING the consumption of natural resources
    • CONTROLLING our factories’ industrial emissions
    • INCREASING our products’ recovery rates at the end of
      their life cycles
    • OPTIMISING our logistics flows
  • Nurture our employees’ fulfilment
    • ENSURING our staff’s well-being and safety
    • ENABLING our employees to grow both personally
      and professionally
    • FOSTERING equal opportunities


>> Read Elis Global Compact Commitment Letter - (PDF)
>> Read Elis Global Commitment - Communication On Progress - (PDF)


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>> Read the Sustainable and Ethical Purchasing Charter (PDF)


Elis: A history of continued growth.

1883: Origins

Elis was born in 1883 with the creation of Grandes Blanchisseries de Pantin, founded by the Leducq Family.

histoire elis

1968: Creation of Elis

A little less than a century later, in 1968 the Group modernized and brought all of its activities together in a single group that adopted the name of Elis, short for Europe Linge Service (Europe Linens Service).

Beginning in the 1970s: European expansion

Elis went international through acquisitions in Belgium and Spain in 1973 and in Portugal and Germany between 1987 and 1990. In 1994, the Group set up facilities in Luxembourg, followed by Italy in 1999 and by Switzerland in 2001.

1999: Diversification of services

In the late 1990s, the Group began a process to diversify its activities. In 1999, the Group’s activities were extended to the rental and maintenance of water coolers and espresso machines. In 2001, with the acquisition of a cleaning and disinfecting company in Ivry, Elis became the European leader in ultra-clean services.

2010: Continuing internationalization

Elis began its expansion to Brazil and continued in Switzerland with the acquisition of Lavotel. On the Swiss market, the Group engaged in six other targeted acquisitions between 2010 and 2013.

Early 2014: Expansion of Elis’s Brazilian presence

In February 2014, the Group acquired Atmosfera, the leading Brazilian industrial laundry group. Between May and July 2014, the Group continued to expand in the country, acquiring Clara and L’Acqua.

Late 2014 / early 2015: Targeted acquisitions policy

Elis acquired the companies Pro Services Environnement and Kress Textilpflege GmBH.

Early 2015: Initial public offering

In February 2015, Elis was listed on the Euronext regulated stock market in Paris.

Late 2015: Elis acquires the number one player in Chile

After Brazil, Elis continues its growth strategy in Latin America and acquires the number one player in Chile Albia.

2016: Acquisition of Indusal in Spain and entry into the Colombian market with the acquisition of SIL

2017: Acquisition of Lavebras in Brazil and capital increase of 325 million euros

2017: Creation of a pan-Europeen leader with the acquisition of Berendsen