European leader in linen & workwear rental, laundry services,
hygiene and well-being services

Innovation give rhythm to Elis’s story

Since it was created in 1883, Elis has never stopped innovating in the hygiene field. Thanks to its rental-maintenance model, Elis has committed in a long-term relationship with its client since its creation in order to innovate and broaden its range of services. Centered on linen service at the beginning, Elis invested in sanitary hygiene and welfare services (water dispenser, coffee service, mats) and later, in pest control activity. In a world orchestrated by innovation, Elis decided to go further in this approach in two ways : innovating for its client by creating an Innovation Department and increasing its operational excellency by creating a Customer Experience Department.

Elis, in the heart of a world which constantly transform

Digital transformation, uberisation of talent, uses revolution… Elis’s innovation department’s task is to guide and to answer to plenty of customers of all size who expect modernity and capacity to fit their new expectations from their service provider.

Elis’s innovation approach

Launched in 2015, Elis’s Innovation tank has two missions : creating new services and improve current services. The conception of connected devices is part of the current developments, as well as rental for private individuals.